Minka Popovič

Mag.a art. Minka Popović
Professorin Mozarteum Salzburg

The Season of Corona was one stolen moment in time, which we can’t easily afford in our daily cacophony and hectic. Everything stopped and allowed us to hear – first of all – our own thoughts.

We could reflect on our life, feel the most intimate urges, change the tempo and broaden the space for silence. We could also contemplate on more general subject, such as society and the current evolutionary stage of humanity. We could take time to consciously wish something for the upcoming generations, watching our children grow. From the other hand, some unpleasant questions appeared: How important is culture nowadays? Is there any state strategy for the high culture and therefore art?

How easy it is to forget the roots of humanity which hold all civilizations and identities? Can it be, that only an empty narrative stayed as an alibi for neglecting it (culture)? Maybe Corona just opened our eyes for the issues that existed even before, and made it even more obvious. What left us an ancient Egypt and ancient Greece? Culture!

What is going to be the “stamp” of our era? Batch of dirt and plastic? There is no time for beauty, ethic and empathy in the age of consumerism. CORONA:LUNGA:FERMATA time to re-think!
Minka Popovič, 6.2.2021 und 3.5.2021