Ein frühlingshaftes Kulturaccelerando als Pausenunterbrechung?
Die nun anstehenden „Öffnung“ des kulturellen Lebens ist der scheinbare Auftakt eines frühlingshaften Kulturaccelerando.
In der Wirklichkeit vieler wird jedoch wird nur ein weiterer CORONAGLITCH
in der Taktmatrix des tragischen Weltenstückes markiert.

Mag.a art. Minka Popović
Professorin Mozarteum Salzburg

The Season of Corona was one stolen moment in time, which we can’t easily afford in our daily cacophony and hectic. Everything stopped and allowed us to hear – first of all – our own thoughts.

We could reflect on our life, feel the most intimate urges, change the tempo and broaden the space for silence. We could also contemplate on more general subject, such as society and the current evolutionary stage of humanity. We could take time to consciously wish something for the upcoming generations, watching our children grow. From the other hand, some unpleasant questions appeared: how important is culture nowadays? Is there any state strategy for the high culture and therefore art?

How easy it is to forget the roots of humanity which hold all civilizations and identities? Can it be, that only an empty narrative stayed as an alibi for neglecting it (culture)? Maybe Corona just opened our eyes for the issues that existed even before, and made it even more obvious. What left us an ancient Egypt and ancient Greece? Culture!

What is going to be the “stamp” of our era? Batch of dirt and plastic? There is no time for beauty, ethic and empathy in the age of consumerism. CORONA:LUNGA:FERMATA time to re-think! Minka Popovič, 6.2.2021

Mag. Boris Mihaljčić Bacc. Art. (AUT/SER)
Violinplayer, Multiinstrumentalist, Solist, Composer

Mihaljčić was born 1965 in former Yugoslavia, where he was already one of the youngest winning Drumplayer on national Rock- competitions. He studied at the Konservatorium of Music in Zrenjanin and at the Music Academy of Novi Sad. 1994 he came to Austria and continued his studies on the Art University Graz. Since that, he is a member of the Graz Symphonic Orchester (1st violinist), Recreation Orchester (Großes Orchester Graz, 1st violinist), and Member of Styriarte Festival Orchester (Nikolaus Harnoncourt).

Boris M. won different competitions such as the Yugoslavian Violin Competition. Since his childhood he was interested in new and unknown ways to speak the unversial language music. Despite of his classical studies he is at home in a wide range of different music styles and genres from Jazz to Classic, from Rock to Pop and Tango, from Worldmusic to DJ and Electro Fusions, always trying to say with his violin what isn´t said yet! He composed and performed compositions in the Oper Graz (ballet upper room, dance night) in the Theatar Graz, in jazz clubs (Porgy and Bess, Birdland Vienna), Ashkenazy Festival in Toronto (CAN), barock and rock fusion (Oper Pimpinone, Thelemann…).
He published different CD´s with jazz, tango, rock-pop, ethno- and worldmusic. Boris has performances in Europe, North- and South Amerika and concerts on the MS Europa (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile). 2013 he played with the famous Vienna Boys Choir on an worldwide selling DVD production. Mihaljčić also played in different constallations with composer Christian Kolonowitz (Bonny M, Skorpions), tatoo artist Mario Barth (Las Vegas), Opus (Live is life,…), Sandy Lopicic Orchestar, Film compositions for Gerd Schuller (Komissar Rex,…), documentary film music with Georg Smola (Servus TV), and for multimedial Art happenings. Boris Mihaljčić, 27.1.2021

Josef Düregger
Diplomierter Organist


Die Mognstuambuam Werner Mandlberger, Josef Greimel


Markus Oberleitner
Bassist, Berufsmusiker, Multiinstrumentalist

Maja Bačković
Violinplayer, Multiinstrumentalistin, Solistin, Composer

Corona kann nicht ewig dauern – menschliche Irren hoffentlich auch nicht. Lock down ist noch eine gut geeignete Situation für – open up! Kurz haben mich die Wälder umarmt – ich hatte nur einen Mund zu füttern. Schnell war ich wieder in einem Schwarm. Diesmal waren bloßes Atmen und schauen genug Um zu lernen. Wie kann Kunst Natur werden? Ist sie es schon, da Menschen ein Teil der Natur sind? Wieso kommt Kunst von was künstlichem?

Vielleicht weil sie Natur imitiert und ist dementsprechend nur ein Bild der Natur. Finde ein Wald und baue dir ein Haus dort. Wenn du das letzte mal dorthin fährst, hebe die Handbremse zu erst und lade dein Auto voll mit Erde auf. Dann – vergiss es. Vergiss alles mit dem Du nicht zu recht kommst in dieser Welt und gleichzeitig nicht ändern kannst – und werde Künstler der Natur.

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